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We, Makers, travel to a dream destination
with you and your friends to build your MVP

2 free spot for Makers per 1 paid Non-Maker.

We invite 2 Makers for a free trip for each 1 Non-Maker who pay a flat fee of $2500 for 1 week - Includes 80h of work to build the MVP and the accommodation for the whole trip.

Limited seating. Hurry up.

We go in a trip when we have at least 3 people on board (2 Makers, 1 Non-Maker). We limit the number of spots available to 6 people to create a favorable atmosphere for creativity and growth.

Your great idea needs a great team.

We all know an idea is worthless without execution. That's why we created Travel with Makers, to give everyone the chance to build an MVP and enjoy life.

One different heaven each time, four times a year.

We pick with care awesome destinations so the networking-building-enjoying experience is sublime. You own an heaven? Just drop us an email.

Trip duration varies according to your availability.

The groups are created based on the type of product you want to build and also on your availability. It goes from 1 to 2 weeks. Usually Non-Makers stay 1 week and Makers 2 weeks.

Makers get a slice of the pie of the MVP.

We believe Makers should get a slice of the product you build. Of course, we let you decide how much, but we recommand somewhere between 10 and 25%. Non-Makers can also give him "tip".

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We nailed it in Costa Rica
We built 3 MPVs in 2 weeks

More details to come, but check one of the MVP right now: CORA

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February - Phuket, Thailand
2 spots left

Who knows what we can build in 1 week. What if it changes your whole life?

Apply for Thailand in February

Book your spot now - $300 deposit

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June - Barcelona, Spain
*1 Non-Maker spot remaining*

Who knows what we can build in 1 week. What if it changes your whole life?

Apply early for Spain in June

Book your spot now - $300 deposit

What happened in Costa Rica... didn't stay in Costa Rica

To build 3 products in a lifetime is a great achievement for a normal person. We did it in 2 weeks.

Paul built his MVP in 1 week with TWM

Check the video! This is just before he left Santa Teresa, Makers were a few hours away from completion.

Download his app soon

Travel with Makers on Killer Startups

Here's Tom's project, SPIND, after 24h

Check the video! This is 24h after Tom's arrival in Santa Teresa. Andu Morie is working hard to make it SPIND.

Still working on it - Dec. 4th

  • How does it work?
  • Who can apply?
  • First come. First serve.
  • How much $$$?
  • Once upon a time 6 people who went to Costa Rica from Nov 24 to Dec 8 2015 and built 3 MVPs

    How's this possible? Is this a sort of Product Hunt + Airbnb?

    Kind of. We are Makers who love to travel the world. Throughout the years, we made some great bounds with some people around the world. Now they (and we hope a lot more to come) want to give back and accommodate small groups of people (3 to 6) in their amazing places and for a really reasonable price. For bigger groups, we'll rent bigger villas.

    Apply now

    Who organizes everything? What do I have to do?

    We organize everything. We rent the place. We plane the flights so they arrive at the same time. We make the agenda. We plan some adventures. We even provide the contracts to sign between Makers and Non-Makers. The only thing you have to do is apply here for free. We'll go with the first come, first serve rule for each trip. We'll also invite the available Makers whose skills fit with the Non-Makers project ideas. The duration varies from 1 to 2 weeks according to people's availability and projects submitted.

  • Everyone can apply for the next 3 destinations

    It takes 2 minutes to answer the 7 questions typeform

    Just go here and indicate your availabilty and destination preferences by filling this Typeform. We pick Makers based on 1. The first come, first serve rule; 2.The projects submitted (must fit their skills); and 3. Their availability.

    Let's make the PH community meet up (more often) in heaven and build great MVPs.

    *Makers and Non-Makers wanted*

  • No matter who you are, it's first come first serve

    It's first come, first serve. Forever.

    Except if you are Ryan Hoover (kidding). We've set this rule in order to invite as many Makers as possible, not always the same ones / our friends. We play fair. That's why we'll show you the list of the people who subscribed and will pick them honestly.

    You can only sign up once a year.

    Request an invite for free

  • Free for Makers. Cheap for Non-Makers.

    It's free for the Makers. Forever.

    It's always great to build great stuff. But "sometimes", it's better to build great stuff in heaven... We believe that traveling provides great Eureka moments and not only you discover amazing places, but you also discover yourself.

    It's cheap for the dreamers / non-makers / hunters

    How much would cost you to travel in paradise and build your dream product? Let's guess more than $2500 USD! Basically, the Non-Makers pay just a little more for their trip in heaven than a normal and boring trip, but with Travel With Makers, they get their MVP built at the same time by the Top Makers in the world... It's worth it.

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